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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Degree Plan

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HB 3025 states a student must file a degree plan no later than the end of the second regular semester immediately following the semester in which s/he earned a cumulative total of 45 or more semester hours. These hours include transfer courses, international baccalaureate courses, dual credit courses, course credit awarded by examination, and any other course for which the student received college course credit. A degree plan is a statement of the course of study requirements that an undergraduate student at an institution of higher education must complete in order to be awarded a degree from the institution. Therefore, the UH Degree Progress Report which identifies the courses needed to earn a degree will satisfy this requirement.

Colleges may also have additional requirements regarding the filing of degree plans at the college level. Please see your major academic advisor(s) for specific details.