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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Publication Updates

8/16/2016 - Annie Aguanno

  • Environmental Sciences , B.S. - Option A Environmental Geosciences - addedApproved electives”  to Group 2 Electives
  • Suggested Program Plan for Environmental Geosciences Option A  - changes to  Third Year Fall , added Social/Behavioral Sciences Core,  HIST 1376-The United States To 1977 or HIST 1377 - The US To 1877, removed - Language, Philosophy & Culture

8/18/2016 - Annie Aguanno

  •  MATH TCCNS designations updated

8/19/2016 - Annie Aguanno

  •  Hobby Center for Public Policy changed to Hobby School of Public Affairs

9/28/2016 - Annie Aguanno

  • Corrected Electrical Power Engineering Technology, B.S. degree plan

10/18/2016 - Amy Ramirez

  • Spring 2017 - Session 1 (Regular) - incorrectly listed a date for Reading Day / Makeup Day in May and was removed.

3/31/2017 - Amy Ramirez

  • Withdrawal information updated to reflect that the effective date for requests will be the date the request is received by OUR, instead of the date processed by OUR.

4/4/2017 - Amy Ramirez

  • Corrected the ECE 3364 prerequisite information.

4/19/2017 - Amy Ramirez

  • Corrected typo on “Bachelor of Arts Degree Special Requirements” page. In bullet three, replaced “part of all of” with “part or all of” to be consistent with approved proposal.

8/23/2017 - Amy Ramirez

  • removed the references to BFA and BM degrees in the CLASS section and corrected some formatting issues.

5/3/2018 - Karina Acuna

  • Corrected the prerequisite for BIOL 4315 to include the accurate course: changed BIOL 3304 to BCHS 3304. The effective date is 2010.
  • Corrected Interpersonal Communication, B.A. Required Electives: 15.0 hours (five courses) as approved by the UC Academic Programs and Catalog Subcommittees on 11/17/2015 (Curriculog #2563).

03DEC2020 - Karina Acuna

As approved by the UC for fall 2015 catalog implementation, Bioprocessing in Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Sciences Minor  has been corrected to list BTEC 3317 as a required course.