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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Student Responsibility

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Basic Responsibilities and Expectations

A responsible student is a successful student. At the University of Houston, students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, respect the opinions, rights, and personal property of others, and meet their financial obligations. Students are responsible for seeking help and guidance from all of the resources that the university makes available to them. They are expected to be proactive and remain informed about university dates and deadlines, and understand academic and disciplinary policies. They are responsible for communication with their professors, advisors, and university staff, and the commitment to being organized and prepared to learn. Above all, our students are expected to strive for honesty and academic integrity throughout their period of study at the University of Houston.

Student Identification Number

All students at the University of Houston have been assigned a PeopleSoft ID number. For security purposes, students are required to use this university student ID number for all electronic and hard-copy forms/communication. The ID number can be found by going to https://my.uh.edu.

Identification Cards

Persons on the premises of the University of Houston or utilizing its services may be required to furnish proof of identity when requested. Students are required to obtain and show proof of a valid university ID card and present it when requested to do so by a university official. Cougar1 Cards are available in room 101, Welcome Center Parking Garage.

Student E-mail Accounts

It is mandatory that students obtain and activate a University of Houston e-mail address. Beginning in 2001, all students admitted to the university have been assigned an e-mail alias that points to the e-mail address first provided to UH when the student applied for admission (it is blank if one was not provided). E-mail messages addressed to the alias are automatically forwarded to the student’s preferred e-mail account. This alias will be used to send official university information regarding billing, emergency closings, and/or information from the student’s college and department. All students must check their University of Houston e-mail account on a regular basis. Students are also responsible for keeping their UH e-mail alias updated and pointed to the e-mail address they are currently using. Students who do not have an e-mail account or alias should request one from the university either online, or by going to the Information Technology Support Center service counter is located in room 58 of M.D. Anderson Library. For additional questions about the university e-mail account or alias, please contact the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411, or send e-mail to support@uh.edu.

University Dates and Deadlines

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to all university and college dates and deadlines. Such dates and deadlines include those for enrollment (registration), adding and dropping of courses, payment and refunds, and applying for graduation.

Academic Advising

Students are expected to meet with an advisor on a regular basis, preferably, prior to each enrollment (registration) period. This will help to ensure that the appropriate courses have been taken in the proper sequence and that all prerequisites have been met.

University Communication

University of Houston students must verify the correct local and permanent addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail address listed in their myUH account. Any changes in student contact information should be updated in myUH immediately. Official correspondence from the university is sent to the e-mail address, or in some cases, the mailing address in myUH. If the student has moved and failed to correct his or her contact information, they will not be relieved of the responsibility on the grounds that the correspondence was not received.

International Students

International students are responsible for maintaining continuous contact with the Office of International Students and Scholars Services (OISSS). This office provides students with current information concerning SEVIS regulations in order to maintain their legal status. F-1 and J-1 students must maintain their full-time student status at the university and are expected to comply with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State requirements regarding their lawful presence in the United States, as well as all university policies. In addition, UH students studying abroad must adhere to the same rules and responsibilities as those students at the university’s main campus.

Academic Policies

Students are expected to know and abide by the university’s academic policies and regulations. The University of Houston, however, reserves the right to change the provisions of both the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs, as well as the listings in the Academic Calendar, as may be necessitated by university or legislative action. These change may include, but are not limited to, degree requirements, course offerings, fees, academic rules, and regulations. Earlier versions of the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs are available in hard copy and archived online.

Academic Honesty and Disciplinary Policies

Specific policies regarding student life and academic honesty are available in the Dean of Students Office. These policies are also published in the Student Handbook, available online and through the Dean of Students Office. Professors are responsible for the initial enforcement of Academic Honesty  Policy at UH, but the responsibility for enforcing student life policies rests with the Dean of Students, the campus police, and the University Hearing Board. Disciplinary records are confidential and are not released to anyone off campus without the student’s written permission unless subpoenaed.

Maintenance of Individual Records

Students are responsible for the submission and verification of their own official university paperwork. They are expected to retain copies of all documents of enrollment (registration) and course adjustments, as well as any other university transactions. This will ensure a smooth resolution if any problems should arise regarding tuition and financial aid, housing, academic records, enrollment, and/or graduation. In order to protect student rights and records, it is the student’s responsibility to provide original written consent if they wish to have their records released as per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.