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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Readmission for Former UH Students

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You must apply for re-admission if you:

  • were previously enrolled in undergraduate coursework at the University of Houston and
  • are ready to return to UH after an interruption of at least four terms (students in good standing or academic probation) or
  • are ready to return to UH from first suspension (must sit out one term) or second suspension

Readmission Student Application Guide

Readmission Criteria

Readmission to the University of Houston will vary based on the following items:

  • Your academic standing from when you last attended UH ( good standing or suspension/probation)
  • If you are reapplying to your former major or a different major
  • If you have taken coursework outside of UH during your time away
  • Your GPA may be considered cumulatively, meaning all college coursework attempted, or your UH GPA may be looked at separately from coursework taken outside of the university

Each college and sometimes each major within a college may have separate readmission criteria. Please meet with your academic advisor for more information on the readmission process for your college or review the readmission criteria on your college website.

College Readmission Requirements

Academic Standing

Your academic standing will determine your admissions process, which may include additional documents and earlier deadlines.

Students in Good Standing, Academic Warning, or Probation, who do not take courses for 13 consecutive months from their last term of enrollment will be required to reapply to the University of Houston and will fall into one of four categories:

  • Good-Standing: An undergraduate student who left the University with a cumulative UH GPA of a 2.00 or above.
  • Academic Warning: First Time in College (FTIC) students who earn less than a 2.00 GPA in the first regular semester (i.e. fall or spring) of enrollment at the University.
  • Probation: Students who have completed more than just their first semester with a cumulative UH GPA below 2.00 but with a semester GPA that is 2.00 or higher. Students on probation can continue taking courses at the university with the guidance of their academic advisor unless they do not enroll for 13 months.

Students on Suspension will be required to reapply to the University of Houston based on the type of Suspension they are on. Students who are suspended are defined as students on academic probation with a cumulative UH GPA below 2.00 and a semester GPA below 2.00

  • First Suspension - you must sit out for one long semester (fall or spring) before reapplying to the university.
  • Second Suspension - you must sit out for 1 full year (12 months) before reapplying to the university.
  • Third Suspension - you are not eligible to return to the University of Houston.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the Undergraduate Readmission Application for the University of Houston using the Apply Texas Application (
  2. Pay the nonrefundable $75 application fee with a credit card, debit card, or check. Checks can be made out to the University of Houston, 4434 University Drive, Houston, TX 77204.
  3. Have your most updated official transcript from all colleges and universities attended sent to the University of Houston, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 4434 University Drive, Houston, TX 77204.
  4. Please note that some colleges require additional items to be submitted, please check your myUH account or visit our website to ensure that you send in all necessary documents.


Choose one of the following options.

  1. EDI - Request an official transcript to be sent through an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system, e.g. Speede (FICE code: 003662) or Naviance.
  2. PDF - You may also upload an official PDF copy of your transcript to your self-service account to complete your application.

Official transcripts must either state “official,” have your institutions seal, a signature by a school official, or an official watermark. It’s up to the discretion of the Office of Admissions to determine the validity of the transcript, and the office reserves the right to request additional or different copies if needed.

Please review your myUH To Do List for a live update on which transcripts are needed. If any of the transcripts we have on file from when you last applied have in progress courses or are not in line with the dates you provided on your most recent readmission application, we will need an updated transcript from the institution.

Fee Waivers

Readmission students are not eligible for fee waivers and must pay the application fee for the term in which they are applying. You can pay your application fee when you’re applying via Apply Texas or the Common App or via your myUH account once your application has been received. It is important to note that you are only eligible for review for the semester in which you apply. If you are denied or are interested in a different term, you will have to pay the $75 application again.


Visit the Deadlines page for a listing of when the admissions application and supporting materials are due.

Timeline for Decisions

Decisions for readmission will vary for each academic college. Please note that there is no average timeline for a decision, and you will hear directly from the Office of Admission once a decision has been rendered on your account. It is important to submit all application materials early to avoid delays in your decision timeframe.


Readmission applicants are required to see the academic advisor of the major in which they are applying to. Your academic advisor can give you guidance on whether you are admissible to the college you have selected and what courses you would be required to take upon admission. Readmission applicants may see a Readmit Advising hold on their myUH account which will only prevent you from registering for courses if admitted. This advising hold will not prevent you from receiving your admission decision.

Archived Information

If you attended the University of Houston prior to 2005, your information was archived due to a system change. In order to provide you with the most accurate advising, your records will need to be de-archived. You will need to meet with an Admissions Advisor to submit this request and initiate the process.