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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Student Services: C.T. Bauer College of Business

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The C. T. Bauer College Student Services’ Offices are located in Cemo Hall and Melcher Hall, as well as the Classroom and Business Building, offering assistance to students in the areas of academic advising, admissions and academic records.  Career services, scholarships, and special programs to graduate and undergraduate business students are also provided.

Graduate and Professional Programs Office, 424 Classroom and Business Building

The Graduate and Professional Programs Office within the C.T. Bauer College of Business is the administrative center for graduate admissions and academic advising for applicants or those admitted to the MBA and MS in programs.  The staff is committed to quality student service.  It also promotes recruitment and retention programs, proposes curricular innovations, and supports graduate business student organizations.

For questions relating to admission or for academic advising for the MBA or MS programs, please contact the Graduate and Professional Programs Office, 424 Classroom and Business Building, (713) 743- 0700.  Advisors are available on an appointment basis.

Accountancy and Taxation Program Office, Master of Science in Accountancy, 304 Classroom and Business Building

The Accountancy and Taxation Programs Office with the C.T. Bauer College of Business is the administrative and academic unit for Certificate in Accountancy (CAP) and Master of Science in Accountancy, (MSACCY).  For information about CAP, please contact the CAP advisor at (713) 743-5752 or e-mail applycap@uh.edu.  Questions regarding MSACCY program admissions may be answered by emailing applymsaccy@uh.edu or calling (713) 743-4878.  Current MSACCY students may contact their advisor by e-mailing msaccy@uh.edu or calling (713) 743-5936.

Rockwell Career Services Center, Second Floor of Cemo Hall

The Rockwell Career Services Center actively provides Bauer College students with the information, resources, and practical skills necessary to obtain a fulfilling career in today’s competitive marketplace.  The Career Center’s mission is to complement Bauer students’ academic experiences with career training and experiences to help them attain successful and fulfilling careers and increase the value of Bauer to the business community.  The Center manages an on-campus recruitment service, online resume books and an active online job listing service serving companies targeting Bauer College students for full-time positions, internships, and special projects.  The Center’s experienced career counselors work with students individually and in group settings to help them clarify their career goals and develop the strategies and skills necessary for long-term career success.

The Rockwell Career Services Center may be contacted at (832) 842-6120 or at hirebauer@bauer.uh.edu.  For more information on services, please visit the Career Center website.

Centers for Advanced Study, Research, and Executive Development

Five academic departments, Accountancy and Taxation, Decision and Information Sciences, Finance, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and several centers for research and advanced study and management education are housed in the Bauer College of Business, located in Lucile and Leroy Melcher Hall.

AIM Center for Investment Management (ACIM)

 The AIM Center serves as the focal point for the Cougar Investment Fund and its supporting courses. Located on the main floor of Melcher Hall, it offers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced systems available for accessing market and corporate information and for undertaking analytical research on business and financial market issues. The ACIM provides sixteen portfolio manager workstations, as well as classroom and conference areas that encourage students, faculty, and business professionals to interact in a technologically sophisticated environment.

Bauer Division of Technology (formerly Research and Instructional Computing Services)

The Bauer Division of Technology provides computing services and support for students, faculty, and staff in classroom instruction, research efforts, and college administration.  BDT is responsible for supporting most of the technology services for Melcher Hall, Cemo Hall, and the Classroom and Business Building.  The services provided are listed below:

  1. Student computer labs with print services to complete course work assignments.
  2. Mobile laptop lab for hands-on course delivery in any Bauer College of Business classroom.
  3. Multimedia equipment for quality classroom presentation.
  4. Facility for monitoring and videotaping course assignments involving role-playing and group interaction.
  5. Wireless Network spanning College of Business buildings and patio areas.
  6. Power equipped seats in classrooms for laptop and cell phone charging.

Bauer Supply Chain Management Center (BSCMC)

The Bauer Supply Chain Management Center (BSCMC) is a new industry forum seeking the participation, engagement, and sponsorship of interested industry partners and supply chain organizations to support student professional development, curriculum development, research collaboration, professional SCM forums, and SCM executive continuing education.  An advisory board (consisting of a subset of the Bauer SCM Center membership) will be established to initially guide the development and strategic direction for the BSCMC.  With strong industry support for the BSCMC, we expect Bauer to be recognized as a TOP 10 US supply chain program by the end of 2015.

Gutierrez Energy Management Institute (GEMI)

The Gutierrez Energy Management Institute (UH-GEMI) is a world renowned center of learning committed to preparing the energy industry workers of today while exploring the issues important to its future.  The Institute uses multi-disciplinary approach to address the comprehensive needs of the energy industry.  UHGEMI was established at a time when the energy industry was facing a crisis of confidence, but the creation of the Institute was more than a response to Enron, the California situation of other difficulties of the recent past. It is intended to help the industry to provide a neutral forum that will assist the industry in developing long-term solutions to present and future problems.  To achieve this mission, GEMI focuses on three centers of excellences:  Education (especially through our Certificate Programs), Community Learning, and Outreach Programs (through many public events).

Stagner Sales Excellence Institute (SSEI)

The Stagner Sales Excellence Institute (SEI) strives to be the leading global center for sales research and education.  SSEI’s research mission is to uncover the drivers of superior sales force performance, provide information to sales managers about state-of-the-art methods for creating and sustaining competitive advantage in the sales force, and be thought leaders in the academic domain SSEI’s educational mission, pursued through the undergraduate Program for Excellence in Selling, the graduate program in Sales Leadership, and executive education, is to provide educational tools to enhance the productivity of salespeople and sales mangers from the very beginning of their careers.

International Institute for Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management

The International Institute for Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management operates as the research and development arm of the Center for Executive Development in the Bauer College.  The institute was created to address changes in the world marketplace, changes in the current and future demographics of the labor market, individual differences in the work force, and the increasing globalization of business.

Institute for Health Care Marketing

The Institute for Health Care Marketing produces academic studies for journals and technical reports for health-care providers.  Its focus is on advising the marketers of health care, particularly preventive care, on how to be more effective in Energy Market Research.

University of Houston Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The University of Houston Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) helps small- and medium-sized businesses start, grow and succeed through free business consulting, affordable training seminars and specialty programs.  Experienced consultants offer advice and act as sounding boards to help work through management, marketing, finance and operational business issues.  UH SBDC instructors share their real-world, practical business experience with clients in state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs.  Special programs and services include Direct Business Assistance, International Trade Center, SBA Prequalification Loan Program, Procurement Technical Assistance Center (also known as Texas Information Procurement Service), Technology Program and Comprehensive Business Research Library.  For more information, call (713) 752-8444 or visit the Small Business Development Center website.

Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE)

The mission of the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE) is to organize and expand the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship.  The center also seeks to enhance the standing of the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business by providing programs which will make the college the nation’s leader in entrepreneurial education.