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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Admission Requirements: College of Education

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Graduate Status

Admission to all graduate programs in the College of Education is selective and often very competitive.  Simply meeting the minimal criteria does not ensure admission.  Admission to one of the College’s masters or doctoral degree programs requires the completion of the application requirements outlined by the Program, the Department, and the College. 

The College of Education requires GRE scores for all students admitted to graduate study programs.  While there are no minimal guidelines for scores for admission to the College of Education, applicants should complete the examination recognizing their performance on the GRE will be one of the criteria carefully considered by the program admission committee.  The College of Education cannot consider GRE scores more than five (5) years old on the date of application for admission to any graduate program.  Find information about GRE testing dates, costs, and deadlines using the following links:

Admission to graduate programs at the University of Houston requires a 2.6 cumulative undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) over the last 60 credit hours of coursework.  Applicants who do not meet this requirement should address, in their goal statement, the reasons for their undergraduate degree performance and discuss other academic indicators that provide supportive evidence of their potential to meet the demands of rigorous study at the graduate level.

 All College of Education departments and programs have additional admission requirements, which may include letters of reference, resume, statement of interest, or a personal interview.  Deadlines for submission of application materials vary by specific program.  For more information, consult the appropriate academic program.

Certificate-Only Status

Individuals with a bachelor or master degree who wish to receive professional certification or a certificate can apply as a certificate-only status.  To apply as certificate-only status, individuals must complete an online application and submit all required supplemental materials.  In addition, individuals seeking professional state certification must meet all eligibility requirements by the state and college.   

Students who later decide to apply for admission to a graduate degree program must complete an online application and submit all supplemental materials.  Students may apply six (6) graduate credit hours taken (while holding non-degree objective status) toward a degree.  The six (6) graduate credit hours must be approved by the faculty advisor, must be applicable to that degree, and the credits cannot be older than five years old (master’s degree) or ten years old (doctoral degree). 

Retention in Degree Program

Students in a doctoral degree program must enroll consecutively every Fall and Spring semester (each calendar year) at the start date of admission.  The University and college may determine unsatisfactory progress towards degree if a student is not consecutively registered (university approved leave of absence does not apply).  Individuals removed from a graduate program must receive reinstatement approval from the University and college to continue their academic studies.