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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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A. Agrawal.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley; Biophysics, Mechanics of Surfaces and Interfaces.

H. Ardebili.  Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Maryland; Lithium Ion Batteries, Polymer Nanocomposite Electrolytes, Lithium Ion Conduction, Materials for Energy Storage, Electronics Materials.

Richard Bannerot.  Professor; Ph.D., Rice University; PE: thermal sciences.

Y. C. Chen.  Professor; Ph.D., Cornell: solid mechanics, composite materials.

C. Dalton.  Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; PE: fluid mechanics.

Matthew Franchek.  Professor. B.S., University of Texas at Arlington; M.S., Ph.D., Texas A&M University.

Karolas M. Grigoriadis.  Professor; Ph.D., Purdue: control systems analysis and design.

Stanley Kleis.  Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Michigan State: fluid mechanics.

Yashashree Kulkarni.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology: computational materials science.

Dong Liu.  Associate Professor; Ph.D., Purdue University: microscale thermal and fluid transport, two-phase flows.

P. Masson.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University Henri Poincaire, France; Power applications of superconductivity, electronomechanical systems, numerical modeling, multiphysics simulations.

A. Mavrokefalos.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; micronanomaterial and micro-nanotechnology.

R. W. Metcalf.  Professor; Ph.D., MIT: computational fluid dynamics, spectral methods.

J. R. Rao.  Associate Professor; Ph.D., Michigan: optimization theory, design methodology, systems modeling.

Kamel Salama.  Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Cairo: materials science, metallurgy, super conductivity.

Venkat Selvamanickam.  M. D. Anderson Distinguish Professor; Ph.D., University of Houston: materials science and engineering, superconductivity.

P. Sharma.  M.D. Anderson Chair Professor and Department Chair Nanomachanics of Materials Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland: mechanics.

G.B. Song.  Professor; Ph.D., Columbia University: smart materials and structures.

Li Sun.  Associate Professor; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University: biomechanical systems.

S. Wang.  Distinguished University Professor; Sc. D., MIT: solid mechanics, materials science and engineering, superconductivity.

L. T. Wheeler.  Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Caltech; PE: solid mechanics, elasticity.

K. White.  Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Washington (Seattle): materials science, ceramics, metallurgy.

Larry Witte.  Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University; PE: thermal sciences

Affiliated Faculty

V. Balakotaiah.  Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Ph.D., University of Houston:  reaction and transport processes engineering.

R.Glowinski.  Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Mathematics; Ph.D, These d’Etat, Paris:  Numerical analysis, applied mathematics.

Adjunct Faculty

Karmonik, Christof.  Adjunct Assistant Professor; Department of Radiology, The Methodist Hospital/The Methodist Hospital Research Institute.

Lei, Chunghui.  Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Li, King.  Adjunct Professor, National Institute of Health.

Makki, Imad H.  Adjunct Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

Marchevsky, Maxim.  Adjunct Associate Professor, Super Power.

Marotta, Egidio.  Adjunct Professor, FMC Technologies.

Pao, Y.H. Michael.  Distinguished Research Professor.

Pradeep, Dhoorjaty S.  Adjunct Assistant Professor, Multiple Solutions Inc.

Sambandam, Senthil N.  Adjunct Associate Professor, Super Power.

Tuzun, Egemen.  Adjunct Associate Professor, Texas Heart Institute at the S. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital.

Xiong, Xuming.  Adjunct Professor, Super Power.

Zumin, Valery D.  Adjunct Professor.