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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Department of Political Science

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Who’s Who in the Department of Political Science

Susan E. Scarrow

Jeremy Bailey, Robert A. Carp, James Granato, Renu Khator, Richard Murray, Brandon Rottinghaus, Susan E. Scarrow, Kent Tedin, Gregory Weiher

Associate Professors:
Eduardo Aleman, Tanya Bagashka, Scott Basinger, Jason Casellas, Jeffrey Church, Jennifer Clark, Jeronimo Cortina, Ryan Kennedy, Justin Kirkland, Pablo Pinto, Lydia Tiede

Assistant Professors:
 Francisco Cantu, J. Tyson Chatagnier, Naomi Choi, Scott Clifford, Alin Fumurescu, Patrick Shea, Boris Shor,  Elizabeth Simas, Ling Zhu

Jeffrey Cole, Cyrus Contractor, Jerry Jackson, Zachary Zwald

Emeritus Faculty:
Donald Lutz, Joseph L. Nogee, John Sloan, Alan Stone, Robert D. Thomas


The political science program focuses on the study of theories of government, government processes, and political forces that contribute to the formation, evolution, and operation of government. Students are offered a wide range of courses in several areas including political theory, comparative politics, international politics, American government, public law, public administration, and methodology. These areas draw on the related disciplines of economics, history, and sociology.

The study of political science assists students in developing reasoning and analytical skills and in building competence in oral and written expression. Students are also given the opportunity to learn research and methodology procedures, and are encouraged to become familiar with statistical analysis and use of the computer. All of this training will be useful to students, regardless of their career choices.

The Department of Political Science has designed its program not only to develop informed and active citizens, but also to be useful for those who plan careers in higher education, the legal profession, state and local government, urban planning, the federal bureaucracy, journalism, or any other field that requires critical thinking and analysis. Political science also provides an excellent background for those who wish to pursue advanced studies in business, law, or public administration.

Pre-Law Training in Political Science

The Political Science Department recommends that students interested in a pre-law curriculum consult Departmental advisors to find courses stressing analytic reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Students in their junior and senior years who are seeking advice specifically about applying to law schools may want to consult with the Pre-Law advisor:

Professor Robert Carp
Department of Political Science
402 Philip G. Hoffman Hall

Please make appointments in advance.


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